About us

The National Zipline Federation was founded on April 11, 2018. Founders: Giorgi Chinchaladze - Mikheil Khutsishvili - Otar Sologhashvili • President of the Federation - Giorgi Chinchaladze. The Federation seasonally and periodically checks the safety of the ziplines and ensures their promotion with both photo and video material shooting and editing. On the website of the Federation, you will find only those ziplines that adhere to international standards and take utmost care for the safety of visitors. The goal of the federation is to promote the development and promotion of all existing ziplines that adhere to standards within the framework of equal competition. Before using any zipline, it is recommended to check the safety and quality of service of Amatui Zipline in the Federation. Any zipline may not operate due to technical problems, bad weather, rain or wind. Before booking a zipline, read the detailed description of the zipline you want.


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